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From our recycling process we have a regular output of various kind of scrap, in particular the following:


  • Printed Circuit Boards from Computer Monitors and TVs
  • Motherboards from Computers
  • Boards from Mobile Phones
  • Glas from LCD Displays
  • Glass from CRT Monitors
  • Copper Cables
  • Deflection Coils
  • White Plastic from Computer Monitors
  • Black Plastic from Computer Monitors and TVs
  • Power Supply Units from Computers




We are always committed to offer you best prices and to fulfil your requirements. We can offer you even better prices when we do business both ways: we buy the complete devices from you and after scrapping supply you with the scrap you need.





As we dismantle each and every single device manually, you will always get the material you want. We seperate the different fractions thoroughly and take care nothing get's mixed up.




We base business on partnership and mutual trust. We are not here to make business with you once but we aim for long term relationships.



Because we work with human workforce instead of automatic machinery we are able to amend our dismantling processes according to your requirements. As a result we can control the output of our recycling process very accurately and are able to meet every special need you may have. Let's discuss!


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