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We pay for your 'crap'»


We recycle all kinds of scrap electronics for precious metals recovery. With our method of manual recycling we are able to gain a better value than by shredding everything. Therefore we are able to offer you a good price for the equipment you don't want.



Maybe, like us, you operate a licensed recycling facility in Europe? You receive various types of e-waste and of course you can deal with some type better than with the other type. The advantage of a professional network is to combine the strengths of each other. Why not try if we can pay you a better price than what you gain in your way of processing waste? You will profit twice: you earn money by selling to us and you gain free capacities to concentrate on processes where you are the best!


We offer best prices for




  • Laptops
  • Computer Base units
  • Servers
  • LCD Computer Monitors
  • LCD TVs
  • mobile phones





If you have those or other scrap/unwanted electrical devices available

 - in any condition -

please send an email with furhter details to

 alexia@weee-ers.co.uk and we will be happy to give you a quote!






You can rest assured: we will destroy your data: forever. In addition: we only allow HDDs to be reused when you agree to it. Otherwise they will be recycled for recovery of secondary raw materials. Simple as that.




We are a licenced recycling company based in Europe. Our processes meet all legal requirements.





There are still too many illegal waste shipments to Africa and other countries where the matierial is not properly handled. We support the idea of re-use but waste needs to be treated, not shipped away.



commercially sound»

We understand that you need to look after your company. Whenever dealing with us, we want you to make a profit. Talk to us and you will see how benefitial a cooporation with us can be.



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