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What we do and how we do it»


Our processes are based on manual processing and dismantling. In that way we are opitimizing the value and minimizing the waste to be disposed of. We do not shred and mix material but we sort and categorize.


Please click below for a quick overview:








As further example, here is a flowchart for our recycling process of LCD Monitors.



If you have any queries regarding our other processes, please feel free to contact us at any time!



Compliance means»


The EU Regulations clarify that the following waste hierachy shall apply as a priority order:


1) prevention

2) Preparing for re-use

3) recycling

4) other recovery, i.g. energy recovery

5) disposal




Commercial success»


1: Environmental awareness

2: Trained staff

3: Safe work environment

4: Up to date processes


through ethic actions»


Environmental awareness

We belief in what we do. The protection of the environment is our business and we are proud to earn our money this way.


Trained staff

We invest in our team to be always up to date about the latest technical developments, environmental standards and processes within the industry


Safe work environment

With all material being handled manually, our H & S policy starts with our supliers: we make sure that we know exactly what is coming to our premises and encourage safe transport packaging and seperation of different material fractions through financial incentives


Up to date processes

We work very closely together with our customers and adapt our dismantling processes to their specific requirements. The more material we can sell, the less will be left to energy recovery or even disposal.

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